Contract For Service Agreement


Contract For Service Agreement
This Contract For Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) states the terms and conditions that govern the contractual agreement between  (the “Person”), and [COMPANY NAME:  VICTORY FARM AT ROOFTOP SDN BHD][COMPANY REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1354227-X] of [ADDRESS: 3-3-1 JALAN AHMAD NOR. 11600 JELUTONG PENANG] as (the “Company”) who agrees to be bound by this Agreement.

WHEREAS, the Person is a contractor with whom the Company has come to an agreement to provide services for the Assigned Services in accordance to tasks assigned by the Company.

NOW, THEREFORE, In consideration of the mutual covenants and promises made by the parties to this Contract For Service Agreement, the Person and the Company (individually, each a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties”) covenant and agree as follows:

  1. Duties

The Company hereby engages the Person and the Person hereby agrees to be engaged by the Company to develop tasks as assigned by the Company.

  1. The Person shall complete the development of assigned tasks according to the mutually agreed deadlines by the Parties for each specific task.
  2. During or if extended period and beyond of the delivery of the services, the Person shall provide the Company attention to answer any questions or assist solving any problems with regards to any work directly related to the Person. The Person agrees to respond to any reasonable request for assistance made by the Company within stipulated time.
  3. Except as expressly provided in this Person Agreement, the Company shall not be obligated under this Agreement to provide any other support or assistance to the Person.
  4. The Company may terminate this Agreement at any time upon a material breach of the terms herein and failure to cure such breach within seven (7) days of notification of such a breach.
  5. Delivery

Tasks assigned shall function in accordance with the Specifications provided on or before the Delivery Date.

  1. If the Assigned Services as delivered does not conform with the Specifications of the Task assigned, the Company shall notify the Person of the ways in which it does not conform with the Specifications. The Person agrees that upon receiving such notice, it shall make reasonable efforts to correct any non-conformity.
  2. Compensation

In consideration for the Service provided, the Company shall pay the Person at the agreed rate in Ringgit Malaysia only per month (the “Monthly Rate”). Fees billed under the Monthly Rate shall be due and payable by the 7th of each subsequent month upon the Person providing the Company with an invoice on or before the last day of the preceding month.

Invoices provided for work completed by the Person must provide an itemized list of Tasks completed and the mutually agreed. 8 Hours per day Monday – Friday, occasionally Saturday, excluding Sunday and other recognized national public holidays, is required for the completion of Tasks, is to be mutually agreed upon between the Company and the Person prior to the commencement of work.

  1. Intellectual property rights in the Assigned Services

The Parties acknowledge and agree that the Company will hold all intellectual property rights in the work delivered including, but not limited to, copyright and trademark rights. The Person agrees not to claim any such ownership in any intellectual property at any time prior to or after the completion and delivery of the assigned Tasks to the Company.

  1. Change in specifications

The Company may request that reasonable changes be made to the tasks assigned. If the Company requests such a change, the Person will use his/her best efforts to implement the requested change at no additional expense to the Company and without delaying delivery of the task assigned.

In the event that the proposed change will, in the sole discretion of the Person, require a delay in the delivery of the Task or would result in additional expense to the Company, then the Company and the Person shall confer and the Company may either withdraw the proposed change or require the Person to deliver the Task with the proposed change and subject to the delay and/or additional expense.

  1. Confidentiality

(i) The Person shall not disclose to any third party the business of the Company, details regarding the Tasks and/or overall Projects assigned, including, without limitation any information regarding the Assigned Services’s code, the Specifications, or the Company’s business (the “Confidential Information”),
(ii) make copies of any Confidential Information or any content based on the concepts contained within the Confidential Information for personal use or for distribution unless requested to do so by the Company, or
(iii) use Confidential Information other than solely for the benefit of the Company. Failure to comply or in anyway violate by breaching this clause shall be placed under strict prosecution and shall be liable to indemnify or compensate The Company at all cost.

  1. Warranties

The Person represents and warrants to the Company the following:

  1. Development and delivery of the Tasks assigned under this Agreement are not in violation of any other agreement that the Person has with another party.
  2. The code work of the Tasks delivered will not violate the intellectual property rights of any other party.
  3. The Assigned Services carried out by the Person shall operate according to the Task specifications. If the Assigned Services are not or in any way does not operate according to the Task specifications within that time, then the Person shall take any reasonably necessary steps to fix the issue and ensure the Assigned Services operates according to the Task specifications.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement, together with any other materials referenced in or expressly made a part of the Agreement, constitutes the final and entire Agreement between the Person and the Company and supersedes all prior and contemporary agreements, oral or written.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the Parties has executed this Contract of Service Agreement, as of the day and year set forth herein

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