October 24, 2019 vertical farming malaysia 0

One of our customers who purchased VGROW Towers from us, they were very excited to start a urban farm at KK, Sabah.

Ofcourse we didn’t go all the way to Sabah just to contruct this green house, though we can and have constructed many mini greenhouses for our commercial customers. However it will not be feasible in terms of costing, traveling and material logistics. Instead we gave them some TIPS on how they can construct their own greenhouse.

This is one of our own projects we constructed a greenhouse for our local customer. Though it seems easy but it does require hard work and laborers

When it comes to bolts and nuts, it’s better to leave it to the experts to do it. Else, I promise you, you will be sweating like crazy, hurt with bleeding if not careful, and…and…a very painful body after a whole day of construction work. Well if and unless you are already into construction, then this might be a piece of cake.

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