1. How to setup the tower?
    We have made it into DIY so it’s very easy to setup, just follow a few steps of instructions in the user manual and you’re ready to go.
  2. How much power consumption for the tower?

    It’s uses very little power, only 25W, less than a normal halogen light bulb

  3. How much space do I need?

    The tower only requires a 1sqft space (30cmx30cm)

  4. What’s the height?

    Approximately 120cm (4ft)

  5. How much sunlight do they need? Can I grow indoor?

    Min direct sunlight 3 to 6 hours for photosynthesis. Yes you can grow with our latest product VGROW Indoor with special grow lights.

  6. Who are your customers?

    Our customers ranged from home users, like you and I, who wants to grow veggies at home but don’t know how

    Those who don’t have green fingers

    Those who don’t have time or space

    Those who have health issues

    Those who are health conscious

    Those who love growing

    Those who wants to contribute in Green Communities
    Schools, Kindergartens, Educational Institutions, F&B, Cafes, NGOs, Retirement Homes, Rehab Centres, Biz Owners, Hotels, Restaurants, etc

  7. Whats inside the liquid nutrient that makes it organic and different from conventional hydroponic?

    We don’t use Chemical Fertilizer like the AB nutrients that’s widely available in the market. Our fertilizers are all plant base compost which also contains macro and micronutrients, trace elements, organic matters, beneficial microbes, biostimulants and active probiotics.

  8. Why are your system so unique compare to other online sales system?

    Our systems in fact are very affordable as compared to some which cost from RM4,500 for a min unit. Our uniqueness is in our services, educational consultations, details in systems, quality of the material  structures, features, advantages, benefits, client value propositions, designs, plant base compost liquid fertilizers, are all carefully manufactured and to ensure good and successful growth. Customers needs are met and satisfied. That’s why our customers wants to purchase our systems.

  9. How much is the maintenance?

    Very little maintenance needed. Only top up water and the liquid Fertilizer into the tank weekly.

  10. What water should I use? Rain Water? RO Water? Filtered water?

    Just normal tap water will do.

  11. Can I spray on the leaves?

    Yes! Highly recommended to do it on a daily basis especially in the morning. This TLC (Tender Loving Caring) action will result in better growth.

  12. What type of veggies can I grow?

    All leafty veggies like Kale, Kailan, PakChoy, ChoySum (Sawi), Lettuce, Celtuce (Yaw Mak), Kangkung, Herbs, Sweet Basil, Arugula, Etc
    We recommend local veggies due to the fact they are suited to local climate.

  13. How about fruit veggies like okra or chili?

    Not for this type due to the Plant weight, height, rootmass and other concerns. We will have another system to cater for this category

  14. Do I need to change or discharge the water or clean the system every week?

    No need to change or discharge water unless it’s necessary. Just check on the pump if there’s debris.Should there be any clogging issues, kindly turn off the power and clean the pump.

  15. How long does it take from sowing of seeds to harvest?

    Seeds germination may take 7 to 10 days before transplant. Once transplanted it will required average 30 days to grow. Some varieties requires more time to grow.

  16. If I don’t get full sunlight Eg. Balcony, would a few hours of sunlight and the rest of day indirect sunlight be OK?

    Min Direct Sunlight of 3 to 6 hours is required for photosynthesis, in order to promote good growth. 

    If not, we highly recommend you get our VGROW INDOOR, which solves all the issues.

  17. Do I need to add any other nutrients besides the basic one given?

    Not necessary unless is required and instructed by us. Do Not attempt to add in any uncertain substances which may cause damage to the veggies.

  18. If there is any issue who shall I contact?

    You can always Message/Inbox us at our Facebook page.

  19. Do you charge for consultation?

    Call for consultation is always free, we are more than happy to assist our customers in any questions. However to travel to customers’ premises may involve traveling charges. Some other extra services like relocating the system to other premises, charges will be imposed.

  20. How to purchase consumables like sponges, net basket, nutrients, seeds/seedlings, etc?

    You can purchase above items from us. Recurring items will be our liquid fertilizers and germination sponge or you can purchase our already sprouted seedlings. That’s all. Seeds can be easily bought anywhere like Tesco.

  21. In the event of prolong power outage, anything to advise? Or just let it be?

    If Power outage the plants still can last for 4 to 6 hours, and you still can manually water them until power back. Though some plants may be wilted but once water them they come back alive. Only those have dried up can’t be revived, just replant them and start growing again.

  22. How many times can I harvest the veggies?

    As many times as you wish. The system is there to grow your veggies forever when you keep on sprouting the seeds and fertilize them.

  23. I mean can I just cut the leaves and let them regrow?

    Some plants like lettuce, butterhead, Kangkung, spinach, yes you can.

  24. Can I harvest the veggies earlier? Before 30days?

    Yes you can. In fact it’s highly recommended that you consume Baby Greens (20 to 25 days) because research suggests that baby greens have higher levels of vitamins C and K, folate, beta-carotene and lutein, a phytochemical that protect the eye’s retina from free radical damage. Even so, differences in the nutrient content between baby and mature greens are likely due to growing conditions, when they’re harvested and how they’re stored after harvest, factors that affect the synthesis and breakdown of nutrients and phytochemicals.