VGROW indoor.

VGROW INDOOR  is designed for easy setup, it’s consist of different designs and materials that forms a residential model of vertical farming system.

There are 12 VPOTS stacked each level which forms the vertical tower. How It Works? The water in the tower is circulated up and down by a low power consumption submersible pump that circulates the water up and gravity feed rain down to each level. This in fact attracts more oxygen aerating the roots zone which kicks in the Aeroponic Technique, creating a healthier plant growth.

One of the materials used it’s made of food grade Polypropelene Copolymer EPC40R. The materials used meets the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as specified in 21 CFR 177.1520(a)(3)(i) and (c)3.1a. The adjuvant meet their respective FDA regulations and 21 CFR 177.1520(b). In summary, this meets the FDA criteria covering safe use of polyolefin articles and component of articles intended for food contact use. TSCA Registry: CAS# 9010-79-1.

save energy.

VGROW INDOOR  does not use much power but save energy. There’s a timer provided that  can automatically  turn on and off the tower from time to time, i.e. 8pm to 8am (12 hours during night) or every 6 hours on off intervals; and the plants are still alive and well. Due to the fact that our growing medium we use is  VGermimix, high water retention, root supporting structure, high air proposition.

VGermimix has the potential to store and release nutrient to plants for prolonged duration of time. It also has great oxygenation properties which is essential for healthy and balanced root development

It contains organic substances and helpful microorganisms for plant growth. It’s good for ventilation and drainage. High organic matter, enhance the development of roots. Contain plant base compost. Natural compost ensure plants grow healthily. Added with calcium for Stronger plants, Crunchier and Thicker leaves. Safeguard the survival of plants and more obvious effect. Plants are easier to take care, greener leaves, higher blooming rate.

It’s biodegradable, it’s reusable after composting, it’s eco-friendly.


It’s not just plastics and containers which forms VGROW INDOOR. It’s an ecosystem we have built-in with a symbiotic relationship between microorganism and plants, mimicking nature factoring into the system; where beneficial microbes, probiotics breaking down organic matters from natural minerals into plant nutritions with sufficient sunlight or light source that helps in photosynthesis.

VGROW INDOOR activates BioVertiponics Cultivation Techniques, It’s a hybrid of combination cultivation techniques which consist of hydroponic, aeroponic, bioponic into vertical farming system. Using organic mix, beneficial microbes, probiotics, as biofertilizing, that biodegrates, creating a more sustainable and environment friendly soil-less cultivation.

natural minerals. 

Our VFert we used for VGROW INDOOR  is a combination of organic matters, organic molecules, natural proteins, beneficial microbes, molasses & probiotics with uses a modern microbiological fermentation technology. It Increases crop yield by 20-30%, increase nutrient uptake Improve crops resistance towards diseases and harsh environment and improve opening of stomp’s and photosynthesis, supporting crops to grow better and greener. Chelating effect helps to carry minerals and trace element efficiently. Stimulates plant enzymes and increase production.

Designed by VictoryFarm@Rooftop Malaysia and it’s only suitable for the use of VGROW INDOOR  together with VGermimix, to help to induce vigorous growth and yield. Rich in Organic Matters, Beneficial Probiotics & Microbes, Natural Minerals, Nutrients and Elements which are essential to plant growth. Function to increase nutrient uptake, reduce leaching. Helps proliferation of microbial activities. Improves plant stress and disease tolerance. Increase chlorophyll production and growth. Promotes strong roots and healthy leaves.



Because of the raining effects in the tower, it produces a smooth water flowing sounds which helps in relaxation. Seeing or hearing the soothing sounds of moving water triggers a response in our brains that induces a flood of neurochemicals. These chemicals increase blood flow to the brain and heart, which induces relaxation.


Impression Looks good. Slim Sleek, Stylish, eco friendly & safe.

No need to setup because it’s already pre-installed for you. Once you receive your VGROW INDOOR, just plug into socket & start growing the seeds. No need to depend on sunlight as you can grow indoor. You can connect to water source – no need worry about watering, can go holiday for 7 days.

Water controller – water automatically stop refilling when the water level is at the maximum. The timer will  automatically  on-off watering and light.There are wheels at the bottom of the tower for easy movement. Seamless led grow light pillars, sleek design. Doors can close to capture overall light and reflect back to plants for photosynthesis. Water running sound effect that calms and sooth emotions. 

Save space, time, water, hassle & money. Nothing is better than your own grown vegetables, which is safer to consume your own fresh, juicy, crunchy edibles, for self sufficiency.

You are able to grow or produce 60X more plants in just 1.5sqft of space and it’s easy to move about


We all want our homes to be a safe place. But in our homes, accidents can put children at risk. By working together, we can help prevent these accidents and make the home a safer place.


The best way to prevent tip-over accidents is to ensure that VGROW Indoor are anchored to the wall. 


We have included tip-over restraints that needs to be secured, and wall attachment is an integral part of the assembly instructions.

Secure it! VGROW INDOOR better be securely attached to the wall. Use the tip-over restraint provided with the product and the right hardware for your wall type.


[WARNING] Never let children climb or hang on VGROW INDOOR

sustainable impact.

We want to create sustainable impact for humanity. We will do our best to source and use  all of our  materials in our products to be recycled or sustainable. By using particle board, wood chips and etc instead of full solid wood, we strive to use less wood per product to take better care of resources.

baby greens.

We are a great ambassador of GROWING OWN BABY GREENS VERTICALLY.

Baby greens are harvested when they are 15 to 25 days old…They’re more tender and bite-sized. 

They contain a good variety of polyphenols and other antioxidants which can be beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and certain types of cancers. 

Eating baby greens can also lower your risk of these diseases.” – Akanksha Mishra, a Nutrition and Wellness Expert associated with myUpchar

So instead of buying BABY Greens, you can grow own Vertically at home Easily. Fresh from Farm to Table



  • Size: 180cm x 50cm x 50cm
  • Colour: White
  • 12 Levels
  • 60 Planting Pots
  • Solid structure w/ cabinet
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Solid surface
  • Moisture and scratch-resistant,
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Auto-watering
  • Water Level Controller
  • Integrated with VGroLights
  • VGroLights PAR Specs:
  • Temp: 6500K
  • PPFD: 400-600 umol/s/m2
  • DLI: 15-30
  • VPD: 0.80-0.95
  • VgroLight Wattage: 0.05kw
  • VPump Wattage: 0.02kw
  • Small, neat dimensions make VGROW Indoor easy to furnish with, even when space is limited.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Special Glass Panels features
    Anti-glare glass reducing 50% of the light brightness view from outside
    Veiling Reflection reflecting glare inside for plants to absorb full light source


for 36 months Easy Payment Plan


Terms: 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 36 / 48 /60

PACKAGE inclusive: 

  • Seeds x 1 unit
  • VGermimix 2L x 1 unit
  • VFilters 60 pcs x 1 unit
  • VFert 500ml x 1 unit
  • Timer x 2 units
  • VGroLights x 4 units
  • VGrow lights press connectors x 4 units
  • VGroLights enclaps x 4 units
  • VRollers x 4 units
  • VPOTS x 12 levels
  • VCUPS x 60 units
  • VTank 30L X 1 units
  • VPump x 1 unit
  • Water level controller x 1 unit
  • Fitting connector x 1 unit
  • Internal Irrigation Tube (black) x 1 unit
  • 3 pin socket x 1
  • Internal wirings connections
  • User Manuals
  • Growing Resources
  • Membership Portal
  • Video Tutorials
  • Weekly Customer Training
  • Ongoing Support

Suitable for:-

  • places without enough sunlight i.e. inside a building,
  • landed and/or condominium
  • F&B outlet
  • Shopping Malls
  • Anywhere, as long there is power in the facilities.


  • Must be placed indoor