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Let's do some recap



No SPACE to grow, no green fingers, need constant watering, need to weed, dig, dirtyy, hassle, backache, tedious….



Market veggies full of pesticides, growth hormones, toxic chemicals, not fresh, getting more expensive,

hand holds the check from supermarket against vegetables and fruit


Organic veggies very expensive, not sure is it fully organic, very limited choice,



If suddenly Food Supply shortage again, due to another lock down

You need these 4-in-1 SOLUTIONS

Space | Water | Hassle | Money | Time

  1. Space: using only a 1sqft of land space, but tapping onto the vertical space, that can grow 60 plants.
  2. Water: Water is recycled and is auto-irrigation.
  3. Hassle: Very low maintenance, just top-up water and add fertilizer
  4. Money: No need to buy expensive organic veggies
  5. Time: No need to spend hours on gardening, just setup the system and it’s good to go

FREE: Pesticide | Hassle | Disaster

  • Free from Pesticides, Growth Hormones, Colorings and Dye, Wax, Preservatives, other unwanted toxins

  • Free from Labor No soil, no toil, no weed no dig. Just a simple setup and can start growing

  • Free from Climate change, flood & drought

Own Grown: FRESH From farm

Nothing is safer and taste better than your own grown. OWN GROWN: Fresh, Safe, QC ensured, direct from farm to table

INCREASE: Yield | Production

think about INCREASE: by using very little land space and taping into the vertical arena, you get to Increase yield, increase growth, increase production



Highly recommendation by Department of Agriculture Officer, En Sharuddin


Testimonial by YB Lim Siew Khim, State Assemblyman Adun Sg Pinang

Video Testimonials by Customers


Daniel Wong is one of the youngest kindergarten teacher in TMCK Penang. He took the initiative to purchase VGROW Tower from us VictoryFarm@Rooftop Malaysia. And with the permission from his principle, he placed VGROW Tower at his kindergarten and started to Grow Lettuce. 

The result shows in the video on the right >>>>>>>>

We could watch this video again and again and will still be encouraged by the expression of these little cuties eating fresh lettuce directly harvest from VGROW TOWER. That’s what we call FRESH FROM FARM TO TABLE!


It's So EASY To Setup!
Even Kids can do it too

This is My OFFER for you TODAY...

If you are going to make a purchase now. I will give you FREE

*Step-by-step on How-To grow veggies Easily & Successfully with VGROW Tower
*Non GMO Seeds
*Starter Kit Germination Media
*VFERT HydroOrganics All Natural Plant Base Liquid Fertiliser
and all these Extra goodies Worth RM299…

The OFFER comes with these in the package

With All the Features, Advantages and Benefits

And the VALUES that you will GET

That you could SAVE money
from buying expensive organics

Assume you spend on organic veggies at RM7/day for 24 months, tha’ts RM5,040!!! and still spending! Why spend so much if you can SAVE MONEY with VGROW TOWER 2.0!

FREE Access to Members Portal - How to GROW

You also will get FREE access to plenty of how-to growing resources in your members portal, together with video tutorials and user guide

(#1) You can make a decision TODAY...

You can choose to Take Action Now to have a Better, Healthier lifestyle​

To Continually to Enjoy
what's Fresh from Farm to Table

(#2) Or You can CHOOSE to stay the same..

Thinking that's ok to carry on with life

That's absolutely Nothing Wrong with that...but just a gentle reminder here...

They already have decided to be part of the VGROW GREEN Community

Normal Price: RM999

PROMO Price only

RM699 / unit

+ FREE Complimentary GIFTS
+ FREE growing resources & video tutorials



VGROW Organic Veggies Easy!

VF@RM VGROW Tower™ | VGROW Planter™. FROM RM699. Cheaper than you buy Organic Veggies everyday. Terms & Conditions applied.

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Question: This is expensive!

[Firstly] We value your health, that is more expensive. Imagine taking pesticide-full veggies on the a daily basis multiply by the number of years that you have consumed. Research shows that these chemicals are absorbed into your body and The body also stores pesticides in the blood and other body fluids. Such pesticides may stay in the bodies of older adults longer if aging kidneys are not as effective in removing them.

Does medical bills seems cheaper? Prevention is better the cure. Moreso, health can’t be purchased by money, even if so, your body will need to take a long time to recover.

[Secondly], if you are buying organic veggies on a daily basis, let’s do the math, let say you spent RM7/packet of organic veggies (assume it’s the lowest price range),

let say you bought 3 packets/day, that’s RM21.

Multiply by 30 days, you have spent RM630/month.

In 12 months, you have spent RM7,560.

And if you decide to consume organic veggies for the next 10 years,

prepare to spend RM75,650 (assuming there’s no price increase or inflation)

How much is the VGROW Tower , only from RM699,  How much is the maintenance fees? None! How much should you spend on fertilizers? RM40/month only! That’s less than RM2/day to grow 60 plants!

What’s the cost of your own grown? RM0.66/plant

1 packet organic veggies say 3 plants per packet = RM7

We saved you RM5/packet

Saved RM15/day

Saved RM450/month

Saved RM5,400/year

Saved RM54,000 in 10 years

Gives you a healthy body, boost your immune system

Gives you the quality assurance pesticide free

Gives you vitality, increase immunity

Question: DIY is cheaper

Yes if you have the time, have the right tools, have the strength and know the RIGHT way to do, if you don’t know the CORRECT WAY to do it, it’s going to waste lots of your time, money, effort in try and error! We’ve been there done that. It will cost you even more to start from scratch. Do factor in the money to buy the correct tools like drills, hole-saw, sockets, circular saw, clamp, workstation, different sizes different powers and etc

Be prepare to sweat, bleed, bruise, accidents, hours and energy spent.

Eventually the tools you purchase are more expensive than buying a tower.

The final part, you have the structure, but your plants don’t even grow. If you think that once you have all the hardwares your plants will grow, think again.

We have done all of the R&D for you, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

It’s not just plastics, like others who sell hardwares and parts. We provide System & Solutions

Question: All these information can get from Internet

Yes, provided the informations are correct, practical and suitable. In fact there are so much information that most people are confused and overwhelmed. You can spend hours and hours on YouTube but eventually you will just end up giving up because you just got confused by another YouTuber. Because YouTuber only cares about getting millions of view. The only way to get you to view, is to be attractive enough to convince you to watch. 

Question: I’m not sure if I can grow successfully with your Systems

We understand how you feel, most of our customers felt the same way as you have before. But you can see from our customer’s testimonials and how they have been growing successfully, harvesting their veggies again and again. In fact, you have access to your Members’ portal where all the growing resource will be continually added and update. 

For a start, just like driving a manual car, you may have to get used to some terms and habits. But once you got the hang of it, you are driving everywhere. Same goes to growing with our System, once you get the hang of it, it’s like your second nature.

Question: Why should I grow own food if I can just buy from the market? it’s so much convenient.

The important part for own grown is that to PREPARE you for self-sustainability. Just like this COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many cities to lock down, curfew, and food shortage or cut off supply…farmers throwing away hundreds of tonnes of veggies, so what if this happens again??

But you have GROWN your own food for yourself and your family. You are more secured than those who did not grow.

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