User Manuals (OVERSEAS)


1. You can shift the outdoor tower to area with DIRECT SUNLIGHT exposure even though without any shelter, only if the area where you put the outdoor tower shades most of the sunlight. Outdoor tower is meant to withstand outdoor climate.

Main criteria:

a. Seedlings must have already established true leaves.

b. The water level in the tank must be filled at least 70% and above, otherwise strong wind can blow off the tower.

c. Top up water frequently. Maybe 1-2 days once, it’s because direct sunlight will speed up the water evaporation rate.

2. You’re encouraged to store your harvested vegetables in the refrigerator for at least one night before consuming them. It’s because low temperature can promote the synthesis of glucose in vegetables, making them taste better.

WHY? High temperature causes heat stress to plants, and plants are more inclined to build up their defense system against the heat. This causes the vegetables to taste a little bit bitter, but it is harmless to our bodies.


1. 如果放置室外塔的区域遮挡了大部分的阳光,您可以将室外塔置放于有阳光直接照射的区域,即便是没有任何的遮挡。室 外塔是完全能够承受户外气候。


a. 幼苗必须是已经有真叶的

b. 水箱里的水位必须装有至少70%以上, 否则强风会吹倒塔

c. 勤加水,可能1-2天内加一次水,因为阳光直射会加快水位蒸发

2. 在收割蔬菜后,请将它们存放在冰箱里至少一晚上后才食用。因为低温能够促进蔬菜中的葡萄糖合成,使其味道更好。

为 什么?高温会对植物造成热压,它们更倾向于建立抵御高温的防御系统。这会导致蔬菜尝起来有点苦, 不过对我们的身体 是无害的。