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Course Overview

Vertical Farming Fundamentals:-

* Fundamentals of Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics, Bioponics, Vermiponics, and etc
* What are the differences and how to operate
* Crops Management & Scheduling
* Methods of Growing
* Measurement & Management
* EC, PH, Water, Temperature and etc
* Plant issues, nutrient deficiencies, plant disease
* Nuts & Bolts of Systems
* Plumbings & Designs
* Planting Materials
* Fertilizing

VFARM4Biz Agropreneurship Biz Program:-

* How to Effectively Implement Vertical Farming
* Business Marketing Strategies
* What are the Plans to Execute Sales Funnels
* What are the Fundamentals to develop Operational Plans
* What are the Standard Operating Procedures to Business Farming Administration
* Steps to Financial Planning & Projections, Profit Loss Analysis
* How to Vertical Farming Business Model Canvassing
* How to Access to Capital, Raise Capital, Get Venture Capital or Angel Investors

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