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Vertical Farming Systems

We were thrilled when we received a call from a Private School in Simpang Ampat stated they love to have 4 sets of VGROW TOWER placed at their private school. The place was undergoing some renovation and was ready to launch their new openings for private school children. The purpose for them to setup VGROW TOWER was to include Vertical Urban Farming as one of the educational objectives for their students on how anyone can grow vegetables in the city

Many of their students now have the privileged to understand and learn how to setup a vertical farming system a.k.a vertical edible garden. They learn to know how plants can grow without soil, but with water running inside as a internal fountain or raining system.

Of course, during our presentation, we always highlight that plants or vegetables do not grow on water alone. They need to be fertilized. And it’s a different fertilizing when using water to cultivate instead of soil. We supply VFERT Enhanced HydroOrganics all natural plant base liquid fertilizers to all of our clients. Our VFERT are made from plants, with no animal manures, and it’s not synthetically or chemically derived. 

That’s why VF@RM stands out unique. 

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  1. Catherine says:

    Hi would like to know more about your vgrow tower pricing and how to use.

  2. Keem says:

    Kindly advise vtower pricing and also how much is the average maintenance cost esp fertilizer for each tower. Thanks.

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