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From: Gary Law 
Founder & CEO of VictoryFarm@Rooftop Malaysia (V.F.@.R.M.)

Why VF@RM Systems? Well, the idea is…if I can farm it on a rooftop, you can grow your own veggies anywhere…EASY!

Dear Friend.

Let me tell you a little secret on how i began this journey.

I have been reading the headlines like 

Banned Pesticides Found In Streams…Chemical Residues in Food…Injecting Oxytoxin in veggies…Colouring Veggies with Spray or Dye to make veggies looks good and selling them to consumers

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What you don't see behind the scenes

[FACT] We can't change how they farm

But we can control how we Grow!​


…but what can I do? obviously if I don’t like what I see on the news, eat organic lah…but after counting the cost of buying organic veggies everyday, I would have spent approximately thousands a month! That sucks! how can I afford? 

so I decided to grow my own, but the problems are… 

  • I don’t have space… 
  • I don’t know how… 
  • where do I start… 
  • it is hard work… 
  • it is troublesome… 
  • it is tedious…

The Journey Begins

so I decided to take on this journey to find out what if there’s a way out, what if there’s an Alternative,
what if I can Automate it?
what if it can be less effort, less hard work and Hassle-Free?
what if it can More Produce?
what if it can Save Space

what if…???


we have developed a PROVEN SYSTEM that grows without soil, without using any chemicals. It's so Simple & Easy to use even kids can do it too!​

The all NEW
VGROW TOWER Vertical Farming System


VictoryFarm System is the first and by far the only who introduce Organic Hydroponics Cultivation to all customers.

  • NO Chemicals
  • NO Synthetic AB Nutrients
  • NO Pesticides needed
  • NO Growth Hormones
  • NO Chemical Preservatives


VFERT Enhanced HydroOrganics is derived from All Natural Plant Base together with organic matters, active probiotics, beneficial microbes to feed to plants. Creating a symbiotic relationships simulating a Natural Ecosystem for the veggies to grow naturally in the system



All you need to do is

  1. Plug in the system,
  2. Sprout the seeds,
  3. Place Seedlings in the VGROW Tower,
  4. Add VFERT once a week and watch them grow!!


You don’t need to work so hard and sweat like crazy to toil, ploughing, dig, weed, water because it’s AUTOMATED. Self watering, water recycle, saves water


  1. Save SPACE, only using 1 sqft space!
  2. Save WATER, water recycled!
  3. Save MONEY, from buying expensive Organics
  4. Save TIME, take only 5 mins, very very low maintenance!
  5. Save EFFORT, no hard work, no sweat!

Well, what about the taste?

Ever since we have tasted what is FRESH from the System, nothing can come close to the veggies we grow our own.

It is Crunchy, it's full of solid flavour, it has a mild natural sweetness to it, it is refreshing because it's FRESH harvested directly from the System.

We invite our family members to taste it, true enough, crunchy, flavourful, a mild yet natural sweet taste which isn't like any of the unnatural sweet we often taste.​

Your Salad Vegetables is REALLY GREAT!!!"

We send it to our friends to commend, again the same feedback…

We ask some strangers to taste it, they were amazed and said they have never tasted veggies as good as these before.

Even children likes the taste of these own grown FRESH veggies, every time they will say :”I like it because it’s yummy”​


that Baby Greens have higher levels of vitamins C and K, folate, beta-carotene and lutein, a phytochemical that protect the eye's retina from free radical damage. Even so, differences in the nutrient content between baby and mature greens are likely due to growing conditions, when they're harvested and how they're stored after harvest, factors that affect the synthesis and breakdown of nutrients and phytochemicals.


We can GROW Baby Greens as much as we want! Forever FREE!! (...buying baby greens are very expensive...)​




When Aunty June WhatsApp me this photo, I was speechless, never thought that I would have received such accomplishments

Nothing is better than your own grown veggies. It’s Fresh, Clean, Organic, Safe, Tastety, Healthy!

KIDS Munching FRESH Baby Greens!

To all mothers with young kids, if you have problem with them eating veggies, we have a solution just RIGHT for you!

You see, kids hardly want to eat veggies because of the taste. The tongue doesn’t lie. Why kids likes to munch our veggies? Because it’s Freshly picked from the Systems, straight from Farm to Mouth!
It’s Safe, Clean, Organic, No Chemical, No Pesticides…and it’s FRESH!

So, we started to promote the Systems. Amazingly, local medias started to notice us. One after another came to interview us, and we were featured in Newspapers, TVs, Radios, Government Department & Agencies...​​

As Featured on various Newspapers & TV

Head Officer from
Dept of Agriculture DOA came to visit us!

There's a Need for Vertical Farming

Nothing is safer than your own grown

Who have we helped?
Homeowners, Housewives, Young Mothers, People with Health Issues, Organic Lovers, Farmers, Gardeners, Retirement Centres, Schools, Cafes, Rehab Centres, Business Owners, Manufacturers, the lists goes on...

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NOTHING is Safer Than Your Own Grown Veggies...especially for our loved ones

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I will show you how to GROW successfully and effectively with our PROVEN SYSTEM that continuously growing organic veggies for you and your family,

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