Wow! Teacher Daniel truly inspiring

Wow! Teacher Daniel truly inspiring

October 24, 2019 vertical farming malaysia 0

WOW!! Mr Daniel, one of the younger teachers of TMC Kindergarten. He purchased VGROW Tower at his own expense and place it at his workplace, TMC Kindergarten, with the permission by his principle.

The purpose of him buying VGROW so that he can educate his class students, how Organic veggies can be grown VERTICALLY Easy with AeroOrganic Soiless GreenTech. Also, his students can taste what is FRESH, ORGANIC, HEALTHY veggies in his kindergarten.

Thank you Mr Daniel for your heart and passion for your students. We were impressed by your actions!
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AFTER 30 days...

{UPDATES} Check out the next post on Testimonials by TMCK Children

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