Our Story

No.1 Rooftop Urban Vertical Farm in Malaysia

Our Humble Beginning

Message from CEO:

Hello my friends. Thank you for visiting VictoryFarm@Rooftop Malaysia.

My name is Gary, the Founder & CEO of VictoryFarm@Rooftop Malaysia.

I’m also the Managing Director of Mont Olive Enterprise which designs and manufactures the vertical  farming systems.

VictoryFarm@Rooftop Malaysia (VF@RM) was founded at year of 2015.

As you see from the short form VF@RM is all the initials of Victory Farm @ Rooftop Malaysia.

“V” not only stands for Victory.

“V” also stands for Vertical Farming.

“V” also represents “We” Farm. Which includes you and I and everybody else…

Let me tell you a little secret on how i began this journey. I have been reading the headlines like  Banned Pesticides Found In Streams…Chemical Residues in Food…Injecting Oxytoxin in veggies…Colouring Veggies with Spray or Dye to make veggies looks good and selling them to consumers


…but what can I do? obviously if I don’t like what I see on the news, eat organic lah…but after counting the cost of buying organic veggies everyday, I would have spent approximately thousands a month! That sucks! how can I afford? so I decided to grow my own, but the problems are… 

  • I don’t have space… 
  • I don’t know how… 
  • where do I start… 
  • it is hard work… 
  • it is troublesome… 
  • it is tedious…

The Journey Begins

so I decided to take on this journey to find out what if there’s a way out, what if there’s an Alternative,
what if I can Automate it?
what if it can be less effort, less hard work and Hassle-Free?
what if it can More Produce?
what if it can Save Space

what if…???


we have developed a PROVEN SYSTEM that grows without soil, without using any chemicals. It’s so Simple & Easy to use even kids can do it too!

So, we started to promote the Systems. Amazingly, local medias started to notice us. One after another came to interview us, and we were featured in Newspapers, TVs, Radios, Government Department & Agencies…

And That’s how we have created History

We may be the first who started off Rooftop Vertical Urban Farm in Malaysia, though our systems are not only have reached Nationwide, in Malaysia; our VGROW Towers have now gone international like Singapore, India, Philippines, Italy and etc; but we will keep on improving ourselves, in every area to bring out the best of the best for our customers, clients, partners, families and our communities. 

Special Thanks to all of our Customers who have believed in us and supporting us all the way. 

We urge you today to be part of VF@RM  initiatives to grow your own greens in your own place, to create pocket farms in the communities , with VF@RM Vertical Farming Systems, we can provide Fresh From Farm, Non Toxic Pesticides vegetables to our love ones, sustainable way.

Gary Law


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