Highly Recommended by YB LIM

Highly Recommended by YB LIM

October 28, 2019 vertical farming malaysia 0

Interview with YB Lim Siew Khim

It was rather amazing to have our State Assemblyman, YB Lim Siew Khim to visit VF@RM. 

The moment she saw VGROW Tower, she can’t help but just gazing around; and praising how impressive VGROW Tower can be. Such innovation should be introduced to all homeowners. 

Meanwhile I was explaining how VGROW Tower works, with the use of Organic Aeroponic technique, together with our VFERT Enhanced HydroOrganics All Natural Liquid Fertilizers. We can reduce the use of chemical nutrients, at the same time keep away toxic chemical pesticides residues on our veggies. 

VGROW Tower, a vertical farming system, a product of Malaysia, that encourages all walks of life to be able to grow their own Fresh from Farm to Table.


For more info, visit www.victoryfarmatrooftop.com or Contact Us



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